31 Unmarked Games (2021)

Recommended by Dr. Jess Rowan Marcotte
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31 Unmarked Games is a cheeky little collection of games created throughout October 2021—one game per day—that invites you to discover it and “cherish, and/or dispose of, each and every one.” The collection experiments with a wide variety of mechanics. 

I’ve chosen three of my favourites to discuss. October 1’s game features a traveler wandering through a field of flowers that they are deathly allergic to, sneezing all the way. October 20’s game is about rushing through an airport while being careful not to leave your luggage behind as you go. Last but not least, October 26’s tape is a delightful puzzle game involving switching between two characters with a fun little twist at the end. 

The experience mimics exploring a music collection: if you don’t like the game you’re playing, there’s the next one to move on to that might suit your taste better. Oh, and one more thing: The cassette player interface is satisfyingly tactile, and you get to decorate your own cases with art from the games! 

Dr. Jess Rowan Marcotte (they/them) is a queer mixed Mi’kmaw game designer and writer who recently co-founded the Soft Chaos cooperative.

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Developed by Droqen
Toronto, Ontario