52 Words for Love (2018)

Is it easy to say I love you? Can you find other words for this emotion that consumes so many people on this planet? For some, it’s easy to utter this simple but impactful phrase, but for others, they may find different ways to demonstrate how much they care. In 52 Words for Love, one woman’s quest to find a connection creates a project that touches many lives in the most beautiful ways.

Alice (Stacey Iseman) deals with love and life as a single woman and decides to create a personal project—a website listing 52 words for love. These weekly entries take on new meaning as her health takes a turn for the worse. While Alice receives treatment for cancer, we see intersecting stories born from each word. They are associated with an aspect of love, and it’s played out in people’s relationships as we watch them realize how important those in their lives become, whether they miss them, move on to someone else, or find a new appreciation for what they have.

Written and directed by James Blokland and Andrea Moodie, this part documentary part fictional film examines what it is to be in love, how to describe it, how it feels when love leaves you and when you find it again. 52 Words for Love focuses on who we consider family, romantic love, platonic love, lust and beyond. It’s an extremely charming film that takes a philosophical approach to one of the world’s most perplexing emotions that often gives us something to mourn and much joy.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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Written and directed by James Blokland and Andrea Moodie