Alex Strangelove (2018)

Alex Strangelove is an off-beat coming of age film. Starring Vancouver-born actor Daniel Doheny, we follow Alex Truelove; a self-assured high school senior, living his idea of the perfect high school career. Alex is class president, maintains straight As, and has a morning show turned YouTube side-hustle; beloved by all fellow students, that features him and his girlfriend Claire. Determined to round out his high school career by losing his virginity to Claire, Alex’s life is turned upside down when he meets Elliot, an out and proud gay teen from another school. From the moment they meet, Elliot stirs feelings in Alex that leave him out of his depth and wondering about his own sexuality.

Often overlooked in the Netflix Originals catalogue, Alex Strangelove is an enjoyable film about exploring and accepting one’s self. It looks at the topic of sexual identity with an eccentric flare that highlights what can be an incredible, but intensely awkward self-reflection. Alex is a very loveable character and you’ll find yourself rooting for him as he, quite literally, stumbles his way through his new mindset and emotions toward Elliot.

The film has a tangible energy and spirit that captures being a teen going through changes, especially unprecedented changes. It’s funny, awkwardly endearing, and is a welcome addition to the coming-of-age movie genre.

Review by Rebeca MacKinnon


Daniel Doheny

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Canadian connection

Stars Daniel Doheny
New York, USA
Daniel Doheny's first leading role.