Alto’s Adventure (2015)

If you’re looking for a relaxing and yet challenging experience, Alto’s Adventure is the way to go. Available on mobile devices as well as all the gaming platforms, this 2D snowboard game is part of the genre commonly referred to as an endless runner. This means that you don’t control the movement of the character and the goal is to go as far possible while scoring as many points as you can. In Alto’s Adventure, you don’t run per se, you ride on a snowboard. Which is fitting as the game was designed by the Toronto-based, three-person team Snowman.

As Alto, you ride your snowboard with a very relaxing soundtrack, jumping on rails and collecting stars for points. And if you ever miss a jump or fall, there’s no loading times and you can just leap back in and try again. Alto’s Adventure is great is you’re looking for a quick gameplay session here and there when commuting or for longer ones when you have the time.

If the race to the high score isn’t something that excites you, you can just sit back and enjoy the special and aptly-called Zen mode in which you simply enjoy the gameplay and the scenery. The sense of immersion is so strong, you’ll feel like you’re hitting the slopes yourself.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud




Family, Indie Games

Canadian connection

Developed by Toronto-based collective Snowman
Toronto, Ontario
Check out the Zen mode for a more relaxing gameplay.