Animal Behaviour (2018)

Alice Snowden and David Fine show us that animals need therapy too in Animal Behaviour.

During a group therapy session, animals talk about their deepest feeling and problems. Led by Dr. Leonard, a dog (Rayan Beil), his patients consists of Linda the cat (Alison Snowden), Lorraine the leech (Leah Juel), Jeffery the bird (James Kirk), Todd the pig (Toby Berner) and Cheryl, a praying mantis (Andrea Libman). They attempt to get to the heart of their issues, sharing about being too clingy in a relationship, eating lovers, and regressing to the nest to revisit a traumatic experience. When Victor (Taz Van Rassel), an angry and judgmental ape, comes to the session, things go sideways. His pent-up emotions take over during the appointment, and animal mayhem ensues.

Using animal habits as a basis for tongue-in-cheek therapy, Animal Behaviour is a cute take on how our furry friends’ natural behaviours inevitably take over. Written and directed by Fine and Snowden, the 14-minute film was nominated for Best Animated Short in 2019 for the 91st Academy Awards.

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Canadian connection

Written and directed by Alice Snowden and David Fine
Snowden and Fine were also nominated and won an Academy Award in 1995 for Bob’s Birthday. That short was the basis of their animated series Bob and Margaret, which ran from 1998-2001, and aired on Global TV.