Batman : Arkham Origins (2013)

Let’s start this recommendation with a big statement: Batman: Arkham Origins is the Die Hard of the Arkham franchise.

The players take on the role of a young Batman at the beginning of his vigilante days. On Christmas Eve, underworld mastermind Black Mask escapes prison and puts a large bounty on Batman’s head, attracting 8 deadly assassins from around the world.

Thus starts a night full of danger and mystery for the young detective, even more when he meets a clown with an iconic laugh for the first time.

Developed by WB Montreal, who took over for original developer Rocksteady who were working on Arkham Knight, Arkham Origins focuses on the early days of this popular superhero, a period of his career seldom explored in games.

Thanks to a well-written plot, inspired dialogues and amazing (and surprising) action sequences (those who played the game will remember the unforgettable fight with Electrocutioner), Batman: Arkham Origins now sits as the hidden gem in the Arkham series, an interesting take on Batman’s origins that’s worth spending some time with.

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet

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Canadian connection

Developed by WB Montreal
Montreal, Quebec
Canadian actress Rosa Salazar (American Horror Story, Alita Battle Angel) plays Copperhead, a deadly contortionist with an affinity for poison.