Beyond Two Souls (2013)

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I’m not the biggest gamer, but when I do play, it’s usually story-driven video games. And there is no greater video game I’ve played than Beyond Two Souls. Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe’s performances were gut wrenching, even through CGI and the storytelling was unexpected and refreshing. I’m praying this gets adapted into a feature or series

Developed by Paris-based studio Quantic Dream, Beyond Two Souls is an ambitious game starring Willem Dafoe and Canadian actor Elliot Page. Set in a contemporary world, the French game focuses on Page’s character, Jodie, who has a poltergeist-like invisible friend she calls Aiden who can perform actions that seems out of this world by the other characters. As a child, Jodie was experimented on by a scientist to learn about this friend until she escaped. Willem Dafoe plays the scientist who will stop at nothing to get his patient back.

Although the game tells the story out of order over 15 years of Jodie’s life, we quickly get attached to her. As with other Quantic Dream productions, Beyond Two Souls is more akin to an interactive movie. However, unlike their previous game Heavy Rain, we get to be much more active as a player thanks to our ghostly friend. The action phases are more straightforward and don’t require tedious buttons combinations like before.

Thanks to Page’s excellent performance, we go through the game like a breeze and are on the edge of our seat during the entire experience. Page makes us care about what could happen to Jodie if we fail. Beyond Two Souls is a great piece of entertainment.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud


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