Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Thirty-five years after Ridley Scott’s ignited sci fi-loving imaginations with Blade Runner, Bécancour, Quebec-born director Dennis Villeneuve brought viewers a much-anticipated sequel. London, Ontario’s top hunk, Ryan Gosling, sets out as Blade Runner Officer K, a bioengineered replicant tasked with grisly business for the LAPD — “retiring” (i.e. killing) rogue replicants who are slaves in the 2049 world. Harrison Ford reprises his iconic role as Rick Deckard, the Blade Runner and maybe-replicant who started it all. The two team up for a futuristic saga that digs into the past.

In this cold fantasy universe, love is sold by AI companies and comes to life via holograms like Joi (Ana de Armas), K’s manufactured girlfriend who helps him realize that he may not be like other replicants and something as simple as a toy wooden horse sets in motion an idea that could revolutionize this bleak world, for better or worse. There’s more than one secret afoot though, and Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), head of the Wallace Corporation that produces replicants, is also in a race to the high stakes finish line, in a quest for revolutionary intel.

Review by Caitlin Stall-Paquet


Ryan Gosling

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Canadian connection

Directed by Denis Villeneuve