Bloodroots (2020)

In Bloodroots, you take control of Mr. Wolf, a brutal warrior deceived by his partners and left for dead in the middle of the desert.

When you wake up, there’s only one word on your mind: vengeance.

Luckily for Mr. Wolf (and unluckily for his enemies), he is a true violence virtuoso. Anything and everything can become a deadly weapon in the hands of Mr. Wolf: an axe, a gun or a sword, sure, but also a ladder, a wagon wheel, an umbrella or a… carrot?!?

This way, every level become a sort of puzzle you need to solve: which weapon will you use, which part of the scenery will become an instrument of death in your hands, which way will you go to eliminate all of your foes without giving them a chance to hit back?

You’ll need to be creative and to have a good sense of rhythm to survive your foes and get your revenge.

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet



Canadian connection

Developed by Paper Cult Games
Montreal, Quebec