Caribbean Tales TV (2014 -)

The Caribbean diaspora comprises many people, from African to South Asian to Latin and everything else in between. Life on the islands that make up the Caribbean is multidimensional and culturally rich.

Luckily, Toronto’s Caribbean Tales Film Festival showcases these testaments to Caribbean ways of life for 14 years and counting. The lineup each year represents diverse experiences through a diverse lens, and you can see these cinematic contributions on Caribbean Tales TV. As a part of The Caribbean Tales Worldwide Media Group, this streaming service allows access to works by Caribbean filmmakers and storytellers that have played the festival and beyond. The group, founded by award-winning filmmaker Toronto-based Frances-Anne Solomon, focuses on content for and by Black Canadians and those of culturally diverse backgrounds.

On Caribbean Tales TV, viewers can access series, documentaries, features and short films, as well as festivals like the Windrush Film Festival, a new event celebrating and providing education on the UK Windrush generation’s contributions. There is also some free content, including panels, short films, and media recaps. For anyone looking to add diversity to their streaming services, check out Caribbean Tales TV.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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Founded by Frances-Anne Solomon
Toronto, Ontario