Child of Light (2014)

In Child of Light, you play as Aurora, a young fairytale princess who finds herself in the mysterious kingdom of Lemuria.

There’s just one little thing: Aurora is dead.

Alongside Igniculus, a magical ball of light with a biting wit, Aurora tries to find the light in the world of Lemuria, which should allow her to cross the mirror that connects Lemuria to the real world and where she hopes to reunite with her grieving father.

To achieve her quest, Aurora will have to fight hordes of evil creatures in a game system that mixes turn-based combat and platforming, as well as a good dose of exploration and puzzles.

The gameplay might be very entertaining, but it’s through its presentation that Child of Light truly shines. Visually, Child of Light looks like a storybook come to life full of watercolour illustrations. It’s a beautiful world populated by unique characters, such as a living mountain and a village of capitalist rats stuck in a literal rat race.

And what about the striking soundtrack, composed by Quebec star Coeur de Pirate. The talented artist wrote a soundtrack made of melodic piano tunes, both haunting and soothing.

Dive into Child of Light, a gorgeous title that stands apart in Ubisoft’s lineup.

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet




Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Developed by Ubisoft
Montreal, Quebec