Come True (2020)

Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) is a troubled young woman. She can’t sleep and is estranged from her mother. She won’t go home and often crashes in the park or on the floor of her best friend’s bedroom. Sarah’s sleep issues come from disturbing dreams centred in a dark world with shadowy figures. The realm is relentless and frightens her to no end. Exhausted and desperate for help, she comes across a paid sleep study and soon finds herself hooked up to machines to track her sleep state. The scientist in charge, Dr. Meyer (Christopher Heatherington), is intrigued by Sarah’s results, and so is his assistant Jeremy (Landon Liboiron), who follows Sarah to keep an eye on her. Jeremy and the research team conduct their own unauthorized tests on Sarah, leaving her feeling violated. When things become too overwhelming for her and her nightmares too real, Jeremy must help her discover what her sleeping life means and if she can escape the terror.

Written and directed by Anthony Scott Burns, Come True is based on many cinematic influences plus his experience with childhood sleep paralysis. With terrifying dreamscapes, a haunting electronic score by Burns under his DJ name Pilotpriest, along with Electric Youth, you’ll be transported into a world where your worst nightmares cross over to reality. Stone is compelling as a young woman desperate for answers, and this dark shadowy world pays homage to 80s horror and Lynch, Carpenter and Cronenberg.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Christopher Heatherington, Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron

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Canadian connection

Writer/Director Anthony Scott Burns
Edmonton, Alberta
Come True premiered at Fantasia Film Festival in 2020 and won several awards on the festival circuit, including Best Screenplay and cinematography at the 2020 Blood in the Snow Film Festival.