After witnessing her husband David’s (Emmanuel Shirinian) death at their son’s swim meet, coroner Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) tries to carry on with her life and work despite suffering anxiety attacks. It’s a tough road as she changes careers from an E.R. doctor to a coroner, and things get more complicated when she finds out her husband had been hiding their financial ruin from her. Leaving that heartache behind, Jenny and her son Ross (Ehren Kassam) move to the country to start fresh.

Jenny’s traumatic loss is also how she understands those affected by crimes, relating to victims and suspects. Her intuition, empathy and insight lead her to answers the dead can’t tell her. Paired with Detective Donovan McAvoy (Roger Cross), who keeps her grounded with his snide jokes and matched instincts, their cases found across Toronto, and the GTA, keeps them on the move to give closure to everyone involved.

Based on the Jenny Cooper book series by M.R. Hall. The show creator, Morwyn Brebner, brings the sensitive coroner to the small screen, and Swan brings her character to life. Episodes directed by Charles Officer, Cory Bowles and Swan herself take audiences through four seasons of Jenny solving mysteries, raising her son and trying to get a handle on her complicated life.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Ehren Kassam, Serinda Swan

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Canadian connection

Brebner also produced hit Canadian shows Saving Hope and Rookie Blue.