Cube Samurai Run Squared (2019)

The cubic samurai returns for new adventures! The gameplay remains unchanged in this addictive side-scroller: we run automatically, we jump, we slash enemies with our katana and collect power-ups that protect our samurai (or make him invincible for a few seconds).

This sequel was developed by the Ontario and Nova Scotia’s Red Meat Games and, once more, they did an incredible job, especially with the change of scenery in this new entry. After the dark and gloomy future of the first, we travel to a desert with sand, belligerent robots and deadly traps. The light work is especially amazing.

Despite the frantic action occurring on screen, it’s easy to distinguish between the various elements at play which we’ll need to do in this fast-paced game to avoid going back to the beginning of the level. Because, just as in the first entry, if we touch an enemy or fall into a trap, it’s game over.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud

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Indie Games

Canadian connection

Developed by Red Meat Games
Kitchener, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia