Cuphead (2017)

Recommended by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
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I absolutely love everything about this game which became an absolute hit around the world. Everything from the artwork to the music score is brilliant. It’s a super challenging game that is available across multiple platforms and it all started right in Oakville

One glance at Cuphead and the influences are obvious; we’re looking at a tribute to the cartoons of the 30’s and 40’s, think Steamboat Willie and Felix the Cat.

Cuphead puts us in control of the titular main character or his brother Mugman, who lost their souls to the Devil in a dice game. To try and save their souls, Cuphead and Mugman must defeat boss characters who also owe a debt to the Devil.

But the task is easier said than done. Indeed, it’s not Cuphead’s visuals that are old-school; it’s also as difficult of the games of the era when you had to blow into the cartridge to make them work.You’ll need a twitchy finger, quick reflexes and a good memory if you want to overcome your powerful enemies.

That being said, if Cuphead is indeed difficult, it’s never unfair. Every time you’re defeated, a progress bar shows you how close (or not) you were from winning. This clever idea makes every try more meaningful; you always feel like you’re progressing and THIS close to victory.

Add to this a bombastic soundtrack that mimics the big band style of the era, and you get a game that’s absolutely amazing… even if you just died for the 30th time!

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet




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Canadian connection

Developed by Studio MDHR
Oakville, Ontario
Chad Moldenhauer, one half of the brother duo behind Studio MDHR, hand-drew every single frame of animation in the game