Dark Side of the Ring (2019 -)

Pro-wrestling matches might be predetermined, but the drama is anything but fake. This documentary series focuses on the wildest (and often quite dark) stories that went on in the ring and behind the curtains. In every corner you’ll find death, drugs, betrayal, and, well, garish outfits. It’s pro-wrestling after all.

From the famous “Montreal Screwjob” where a millionaire owner became a real-life villain in front of the audience to the too-real death in the ring of a beloved wrestler, each episode tells the story through archival footage and interviews with the people who were there.

Created by Darthmouth-born Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun, V/H/S/2), Dark Side of the Ring was an instant hit with wrestling fans and neophytes alike thanks to the series’ wonderful ability to tell those stories in a captivating and engrossing way. Whether you’ve seen every Wrestlemania or this is your first encounter with the WWE, you’ll be hooked.

Oh, and the last two seasons are narrated by someone who might just be the biggest Canadian wrestling star ever, the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla himself, Chris Jericho.

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet

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Canadian connection

Co-created and directed by Jason Eisener
Season 2’s finale about Owen Hart’s death was the highest-rated program in Vice network history.