Diggstown (2019 -)

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Cassandra James – Fellow General Hospital alum Vinessa Antoine is at the helm of this east coast based law drama. Season three is on the way!

Marcie Diggs (Vinessa Antoine) left her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to pursue a career in corporate law. Due to a family tragedy, she returns to her old stomping grounds for a new start with Legal Aid and to deal with unfinished business.  Marcie adjusts to her drastic work changes from big board rooms to a storage closet office and a different pace, dealing with people from all walks of life needing legal help. She stands for justice and does what’s right, not necessarily what looks good on paper. Being a part of a diverse law firm thrusts her into struggles of racism and classism, and her colleagues and clients are no strangers to courtroom drama. Her cases test her sense of morality, faith in the law, the community, and determination as a Black woman practicing law. Diggstown focuses on the Halifax of today, the diversity that lives there and the complexities within the Canadian legal system.

Created by former entertainment lawyer Floyd Kane, the show features Halifax and the surrounding area, like the vibrant and historical Black community in North Preston, Nova Scotia. Antoine also takes the spot as the first Black Canadian woman to star in a prime-time TV drama with episodes directed by Cory Bowles (Black Cop and Trailer Park Boys) and Sharon Lewis (Brown Girl Begins).

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Vinessa Antoine

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Canadian connection

Created by Floyd Kane, starring Vinessa Antoine
Halifax, Nova Scotia