DNA Dinners (2018)

DNA Dinners is a cooking show that gives viewers more than just a tasty meal.  Canadian TV personality Tyrone Edwards takes his curious guests through a DNA discovery of where they’re from and explores their ancestry.com results through food. Surprises are in store in each episode, and the participants’ delight is palatable. You’ll meet South African-born Shameen, who feels there is a piece of her ancestral puzzle missing in the first episode. She learns about where she comes from with Tyrone, who brings her to a chef connected to her newfound heritage. Through the chef’s expertise and teachings, Shameen presents the culinary evidence of the show’s investigation at a fun reveal dinner. Other guests include Andrea, whose Italian mother links her to their known heritage, and Anthony, who hails from Argentina who wants to find his roots before his father succumbs to early-onset Alzheimer’s. Each encounter in the sixteen episodes reveals interesting connections many guests would have never thought possible.

You’ll love the dishes and the dishing about culture, identity and searching for ancestral roots. Be forewarned, though: Don’t watch this show if you’re hungry since the beautiful food photography will draw you in as much as the fascinating family discoveries.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Tyrone Edwards

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Canadian connection

Hosted by Tyrone Edwards
Winner of Best International Program and Best Series Pilot at the 2020 Taste Awards