Don’t Wake the Night (2019)

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Observe. Listen. Deliberate. And render judgement as an omniscient presence.

Don’t Wake the Night by developer Brujería at Werk is a point-and-click, narrative-driven game about community, accountability, and mystery featuring themes and characters of Guaranì teachings. Players assume the role of a watchful spirit summoned by a community of witches to assess the words and actions of the group. There is a possibility that at least one of these characters has breached the community’s spiritual protocols and it is up to you, an invisible observer, to piece together the truth. The fate of these people are decided by the player whether or not they have the information and context necessary for bestowing their judgement.

There is a convention within video games to place players at the centre of a narrative. Don’t Wake the Night pushes back against this. Not only does the game mechanics functionally require players to slow down, practice patience, and closely watch the characters, it also intentionally obfuscates evidence. There is only so much that a spirit can observe in this world—and it is up to you to decide what matters.

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Developed by Brujeria @ Werk
Toronto, Ontario