Echo Generation (2021)

Did you watch Stranger Things? Did you love it as much as the rest of the world?

One thing is for certain: Cococucumber’s team sure loved Stranger Things. After all, their brand new game is a clear homage to Netflix’s hit TV show.

You play as a child who, along with their little sister, tries to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance. And the mysteries are numerous in this ‘’quiet’’ suburb: there’s a missing child, a creepy neighbour, the schools seems to be haunted, the police have quarantined the town and there was this weird crash in the cornfields…

In this turn-based role-playing game, you’ll need to fight a multitude of creatures and machines if you want to solve all of Maple Town’s mysteries. Aside from the name of the town, how do we know this is a Canadian game? One of your main weapons is a hockey stick!

Echo Generation stands apart thanks to its stellar synth-wave soundtrack, reminiscent of the 80s, and its gorgeous visual style that blends pixel art and voxels (3D pixels) giving the game its trademark nostalgic vibe.

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Canadian Game Awards, Horror, Indie Games

Canadian connection

Developed by Cococucumber
Toronto, Ontario
Echo Generation is Cococucumber’s fourth game; they are also behind Riverbond, Planet of the Eyes and Bunny Bonker.