Eclipse (1994)

Emmy-nominated director and producer Jeremy Podeswa is known for his huge resume of TV series, but before Game of Thrones, Station Eleven and Handmaid’s Tale, there was his first feature film, Eclipse, that launched his career. Encore+ and Telefilm Canada have restored the film to revisit a Canadian classic made almost 30 years ago.

An eclipse only comes every so often during our time here on earth, and it’s always a celebrated experience, with some assigning mystical attributes to the scientific marvel that it is. In the days leading up to this celestial event, several people from different walks of life have sexual encounters—one tryst leading to another. Each lover holds secrets and fears in their heart; looking to connect and transcend the physical as they ponder their existence through sex and their quest to understand love. At the same time, enthusiasts and scientists buzz with excitement as the sun and moon converge in a rare meeting.

Jeremy Podeswa created a haunting look at the fluidity of sex and sexuality in the mid-nineties when people were exploring how to be their true selves in the ever-changing world. With this newly remastered version commissioned by Encore+ and Telefilm Canada, we see his vision of these characters and their sometimes-melancholy views of life and love in a crisp new light. As a bonus, the remaster includes an introduction from Podeswa, producer Camelia Freiberg and cast members Pascale Montpetit and Daniel MacIvor, where they reminisce about making the film and its progressive nature.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Daniel MacIvor, Earl Pastko, Greg Ellwand, John Gilbert, Kirsten Johnson, Manuel Aranguiz, Maria del Mar, Matthew Ferguson, Pascale Montpetit, Von Flores

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Free to Watch, LGBTQ2+, Love Stories

Canadian connection

Written and directed by Jeremy Podeswa
Toronto, Ontario
Pascale Montpetit and Matthew Ferguson were both nominated for Genie awards in 1996 for their performances in Eclipse.