Endlings (2020)

It’s 2040, and the world looks the same, but our eco-system is suffering. Leopold (Neil Crone) is a kind man using his large farm as a foster home. His latest charge, newly orphaned and emotionally wounded Julia (Kamaia Fairburn), joins his home. The kids are as different as can be, but a close-knit family all the same. There’s Finn (Cale Ferrin), a pint-sized charmer with a disability that doesn’t stop him, Tabby (Michela Luci) full of one-liners for days, and Johnny (Edison Grant), their big brother with a big heart. When a spacecraft full of extinct animals from all over the galaxy crashes on the farm, the kids come together to protect the animals and keep them safe from a secret UFO intelligence agency, learning about themselves and animal conservation in the process.

Emmy-award winning writer and producer J.J. Johnson creates a world where kindness, empathy, and perseverance shines through the worst situations. Endlings brings cool alien creatures galore and an engaging plot that will have kids and parents alike binging the first season.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Edison Grant, Kamaia Fairburn, Michela Luci, Neil Crone

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Canadian connection

Created by J.J. Johnson
Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario
Produced by Canadian company Sinking Ship who are also behind Paw Patrol.