Family Law (2021)

Ruthless lawyer Abigail Bianchi’s (Jewel Staite) life is a mess. After an infamous—and viral—display in court of her throwing up on a client, Abigail suffers a 3-month suspension from practicing law. Her fall from grace as a recovering alcoholic puts her at the mercy of her stern father, Harry Svensson (Victor Garber). He runs the successful Svensson and Associates, a firm that specializes in family law. Under his watchful eye, Abigail has to start from scratch with a strict probation, clean up her attitude and work with her half-siblings, Daniel (Zach Smadu), a lawyer, and Lucy (Genelle Williams), a psychologist. The Svenssons have their own family issues, and Abigail falls right in the middle of their drama, as they all try to work around each other and their problems.

Paternity, puppies and the basics of parenting, marriage and divorce all cross the desks at the firm. Even though Abigail is restricted on what she can do, she uses her top-notch skills to win cases, despite her harsh delivery and surly nature. She has more issues to deal with since she’s estranged from his husband Frank (Luke Camilleri) and kids Sophie (Eden Summer Gilmore) and Nico (Brenden Sunderland). Abigail has to gain her family’s trust again and at the same time help those who need solid legal advocacy for their families.

With seasoned stage, TV and film star Garber leading the pack, Family Law deals with unique situations and showcases less than perfect scenarios, people, and relationships, forcing everyone to draw on humanity and empathy in—and outside of—the legal world.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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