Flow Weaver (2021)

Recommended by Lucas J. W. Johnson
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A good escape room offers interesting puzzles that demand lateral thinking, a little experimentation, and a compelling explanation. What they can’t offer is magic

Enter Flow Weaver.

This VR game takes the classic escape room puzzle concept and adds a layer—or rather, several. In Flow Weaver, you play a sorcerer who can move between dimensions. You’ve been captured and wound up in a strange world. Only by exploring different dimensions—from a shadowy realm of the dead to beautiful islands among the clouds—can you find a way to escape.

Discover new magic spells, experiment with how changing things in one dimension affects all the others, and try to figure out why you’ve been captured—and what your captors want from you.

Flow Weaver was written and designed by queer creators, and features a non-binary protagonist fully voiced by non-binary actor Ciarán Strange. It features five different beautiful worlds that connect and overlap in unique ways, testing your puzzle-solving skills while giving you power over your surroundings.

Lucas J.W. Johnson is the Studio Director and narrative designer at Silverstring Media. He co-wrote and co-directed Flow Weaver.

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Canadian connection

Developed by Stitch Media and Silverstring Media
Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, BC