Frankenweenie (2012)

Sparky is Victor Frankenstein’s best friend. They do everything together, including Victor’s film projects, where Sparky is the star of the show. Victor is more of a tinkerer, wanting to win the science fair instead of playing baseball. When Victor decides to please his father by playing in a game, Sparky, fuelled by his love for catching balls, is hit by a car, devastating the family. Of course, Victor is inconsolable, but a class demonstration of electric charges inspires him to attempt the impossible and bring Sparky back to life. His town of New Holland and the constant lightning strikes work on the beloved pooch, but trying to hide the rambunctious re-animated Sparky and the tough competition of the science fair is more than he can handle, and Victor realizes his secret project causes more harm than good.

Drawing from his love of old-school black and white horror and sci-fi films, director Tim Burton adapts Mary Shelley’s classic book Frankenstein into a dark tale featuring a little boy dealing with loss. Frankenweenie is based on his 1984 live-action short film of the same name with signature, stop-motion character design that pumps new life into icons like Igor, Dracula’s Van Helsing, and the Bride of Frankenstein.

Burton enlists the voices of top stars like Hollywood great Martin Landau, plus Burton’s alumni Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, and Winona Ryder. Frankenweenie is morbidly funny with a cornucopia of horror references to delight older fans and introduces new ones to the classics.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short

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Family, Horror

Canadian connection

Starring Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara
Catherine O’Hara and Martin Short were regulars on the Canadian classic comedy series SCTV.