Frantic Fanfic (2021)

Recommended by Indigo Doyle
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Frantic Fanfic is a creative writing party game where friends furiously write bad fanfic in real-time. With a randomizer, ridiculous prompts, and a ticking timer, Frantic Fanfic is expertly crafted to maximize chaos.

Frantic Fanfic “arose from a desire to have friends laughing and being creative together” during the early pandemic lockdown, and offers a much-needed jolt of social connection.

Choose your avatar from 24 options like “armpit” or “Ratty”, create some characters and begin writing the story of their lives and pass it on—only to have that story derailed completely by the next player. 

Both hilarious and enraging, Frantic Fanfic’s simple premise is executed incredibly well with cute graphics, four game modes (including an all-ages version) and prompts like “animals can talk.” Your imagination is the only limit!

The game even awards you with a sticker and confetti when you finish the story. Dramatic readings are extra.

Indigo Doyle is a 3D artist and a game designer currently working on RollerGirl

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Canadian connection

Developed by @zeekayart and @michaelangsten
Toronto, Ontario