Frick, I Love Nature (2022 )

Even wonder about our natural world, and maybe you’re too bored to check out old-school documentaries? That’s where Gordie Lucius comes in. As the affable host, Gordie takes you on a silly tour of nature, finding experts to share their knowledge about the creatures around us. The Edmonton-based host talks to experts about ants, city animals, aquatic animals, how they move in the world, and lots of other fascinating information you’d never consider. Oh, and if you like fart jokes, silly comparisons and fun facts, you’ll love what Gordie has in store!

Lucius has a background in improv comedy, and with his cheerfully sly humour, he’ll relate our lives to the way animals cope with sharing this world with us and how they function within their own social constructs. That humour makes you laugh and helps you retain the information, so it’s good for both parents and kids. You’ll giggle as you learn how aquatic animals camouflage themselves or how microbes rule our world. Lucius created the show with Stephen Robinson, and they fearlessly use puppets, plastic toys and other visual aids steeped in silliness to get the main point across: that they fricking love nature.

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Canadian connection

Hosted by Edmonton-based Filipino Canadian comedian Gordie Lucius.
The show uses interviews with experts, beautiful scenery and stellar nature facts to educate, entertain and most importantly, get people stoked on nature.