Get in the Car, Loser! (2021)

Recommended by Dr. Jess Rowan Marcotte
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I’ll admit that I’m a longtime fan of projects led by Toronto-based creator Christine Love, and her latest is no exception. 

Get in the Car, Loser! combines the aesthetics of Steven Universe (if Steven Universe had amazing pixel art) with classic JRPG-style fights and a gripping story told through visual novel mechanics. It features queer characters engaging in playful, flirtatious dialogue and a plot that juxtaposes the over-the-top high stakes of saving the world with the charming awkwardness of taking a road trip with your ex and her new, non-binary partner. 

This is the game that I wish Final Fantasy XV was (you know, the *other* road trip game with JRPG mechanics and aesthetically-pleasing characters). The game is actually completely free, so to support the creators at Love Conquers All, you can buy the DLC for just $11.49. 

Dr. Jess Rowan Marcotte (they/them) is a queer mixed Mi’kmaw game designer and writer who recently co-founded the Soft Chaos cooperative. 

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Developed by Love Conquers All Games
Toronto, Ontario