Ghosts (2021)

Sam (Rose McIver) has inherited the 300-year-old Woodstone Estate from her great aunt Sophie. Her husband, Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), is reluctant to move away from the big city, but Sam wants to open a bread and breakfast. When they arrive, they find an ivy-covered mansion, but little do they know the house comes complete with a selection of ghosts from different eras and backgrounds. There’s the Wall Street party-hard (with his pants perpetually missing) trader Trevor (Asher Goodman), Flower the hippy (Sheila Carrasco), Hetty, the lady of the manor (Rebecca Wisocky), Thorfinn the Viking (Devan Long), and jazz singer Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) from the flapper days, to name a few. Feeling like their home is in jeopardy, the ghosts decide to force the couple out with hauntings.

Divvying up their haunting duties, they plan their attack on “the livings,” but it backfires when Sam falls down the stairs, bumps her head, and after the accident gives Jay the scare of his life, they make a go of it at the estate. Only thing is, the head injury now gives Sam the ability to see her ghostly housemates. Sam thinks she’s losing it, but the ghosts are relentless and make their presence known to her every waking moment. Once she realizes who they are, she strikes a deal with them to live in relative harmony as they try to make the crumbling manor a home.

Ghosts is a North American remake of the 2019 BBC comedy series of the same name, taking hauntings and making them hilarious. Filmed in Montreal, the show gives audiences a ton of zany antics as the young couple build a new life in the country with their spooky roomies.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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Canadian connection

Montreal, Quebec
Rose McIver also starred in iZombie, a horror-comedy series filmed in British Columbia.