Go Here Meet Her (2020)

Entrepreneurs are a tenacious bunch, and with a game plan at the ready, they strive to make their dreams a reality. To celebrate businesses run by women in Canada, Slice and Youtube came together to feature a spectrum of start-ups in Go Here Meet Her that inspire, support and fill a niche for the diverse cities we call home.

You’ll find the Ziba Style Bar, where owner Solange Ashoori decided to leave her corporate job to help women feel accepted in one welcoming place. Those from all walks of life can get beautified without anxiety since hair types of all kinds are styled, curled and braided by experts. There’s also Motor Revere, a motorcycle shop founded by Andrea Lothrop. Here, you can find training for new riders, tools and support for women who feel intimidated by a traditionally male-dominated hobby. And for those who may feel underrepresented in the fashion world, Afllatus Hijabs features hijabs and modest wear for “hijabis and non-hijabis” and anyone else who prefers full coverage fashion. Run by Wedad Amiri, she also focuses on feminism, mental health issues and immigrant rights.

There’s something to inspire everyone in this mini-series, and you can find these and other stories on Slice.ca.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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