I Like Girls (J’aime les filles) (2016)

Four women describe their first loves and how they affected the trajectory of their lives in this animated documentary about self-discovery, queerness and youth.

Based on Abenaki artist Diane Obomsawin’s graphic novel On Loving Women, the film follows Charlotte who finds her first love at camp, Mathilde who falls for women who remind her of horses, Marie whose first kiss was her brother’s girlfriend, and Diane who discovered her sexuality through the film Women in Uniform.

The stories are short — the whole film is eight minutes long — but explore many themes, including unrequited love, familial relationships, and learning how to express oneself sexually. The narration is earnest and focuses on the feelings elicited by each memory, while the animation is uniquely minimalist and humorous, using anthropomorphic characters to portray each woman’s reflection.

Review by Lindsay Gibb

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LGBTQ2+, Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Written and directed by Diane Obomsawin
Montreal, Quebec