Jurassic World Alive (2018)

” Life, uh… finds a way,” as Dr. Ian Malcolm would say. But what if it were to find a way onto your smartphone and your surroundings? This is what Montreal-based Ludia decided to tackle with Jurassic World Alive. Requiring a full team of dozens of developers, some of whom discovered a true passion for palaeontology, this augmented reality game has you saving the dinosaurs from a second extinction. How? By tracking them, catching them, collecting their DNA, and even creating new breeds of dinosaurs. Some of which have never appeared in any of the movies so this is exclusive content only available in the game.

As a location-based video game (not unlike Pokémon Go), Jurassic World Alive also gets you to explore your surroundings looking for a specific breed of dinosaurs. Furthermore, there’s a PvP (players versus players) option that sees the gigantic beasts fighting one another for supremacy.

Ludia manages to prove that it’s possible to make great free-to-play games, using tried and true franchises to allow you to spend more time in this dinosaurs universe we love so much. The experience is crafted with such care that it’s difficult to resist.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud

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Developed by Ludia
Montreal, Quebec