Just Shapes & Beats (2018)

Describing Just Shapes & Beats is both very easy and very hard.

On one hand, everything you need to know is in the tile; you play as a geometrical shape, and you must avoid other shapes to the beat of the music. And all you need to play it is a joystick and a single button. Just Shapes & Beats is the kind of game you could have played with an Atari controller!

Simple enough, right?

But it’s also way more complicated than this. Just Shapes & Beats is sort of a Shoot ‘em-up or a Bullet Hell in which you don’t fire a single bullet.

You could also describe Just Shapes & Beats as a rhythm game where you don’t have any control over the music, or as a space shooter set in a Winamp visualizer.

In fact, there’s only one thing you really need to know; in any gaming convention where I went, Just Shapes & Beats always ended up captivating the audiences and attracting a crowd. And every time I show the game off at a house party, guests always beg for one more game.

Isn’t this what really matters?

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet




Indie Games

Canadian connection

Developed by Berzerk Studio
Quebec City, Quebec
Holds an approval rating of 98% on Steam