Keeper of my Home (2021)

Recommended by Eva-Léa Longue Ngambi
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Consciously or not, we tend to overlook educational games when talking about video games. However, they contain precious keys to growing general knowledge and empathy.

Developed in association with the First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA), Keeper Of My Home (KOMH) is a free, online resource hub geared for First Nations K-12 students attending on-reserve schools. It teaches home maintenance, health, and safety skills and knowledge from socio-political and cultural perspectives specific to First Nations.

Obviously, some of the minigames within KOMH may feel too easy for avid gamers—but they do pass on relevant information. Having worked on this project, I learned a lot about the First Nations myself.

I dare you to earn a perfect score!

Eva-Léa LN is the co-founder, secretary, and animator at the Montreal-based worker-owned studio Lucid Tales.

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Developed by Les Affranchis in collaboration with the First Nations Housing Professionals Association.
Montreal, Quebec