Lucifer Within Us (2020)

If you miss the great adventure and point and click games, Lucifer Within Us from Montreal-based Kitfox Games is for you. Think of a cyberpunk version of Monkey Island merging with the detective work of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series, because it does come with a twist. As a digital exorcist, you can actually see into different timelines of a person accused of a wrongdoing and possibly a murder. But your job doesn’t stop at just questioning any individual and getting the culprit. Once confronted, you have to purify the possessed souls and purge their demons.

In broad gameplay terms, you navigate in a top down view and interact with various elements of the environment looking for clues that could lead you to a potential culprit. Once you meet one, you have access to several alternate timeline and you can listen to them, accuse them, ask them some questions. The end goal being to cleanse them from the devil pulling their strings.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud

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Developed by Kitfox Games
Montreal, Quebec