Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2021)

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Flark, this game is good! And I don’t say this because I consulted with Eidos Montreal on this title, because it’s their amazing team that made it as accessible as it is. 

Eidos Montreal really hit it out of the park with how amazing the story is in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you’re looking for a story that’s as fun as the great characters of its Marvel cinematic universe counterpart you’ve come to the right galaxy. But not only that, this game is really accessible for disabled players! While it doesn’t hit every part of the disability spectrum, there is so much here that will accommodate disabled players. 

This is great because what I love most about this game is that it allows my own disability not to get in the way, and enables me to focus on the story and the fun gameplay. It’s as if I’m part of the team—even if said team consists of a talking tree, a smart, sharp-tongued racoon-that’s-not-a-racoon, a barbarian who doesn’t grasp metaphors, a reformed evil assassin, and a man-child whose love of everything 80’s rivals my own. 

Steve Saylor is an accessibility advocate and content creator.

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Developed by Eidos Montreal
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