Moonglow Bay (2021)

Recommended by Saleem Dabbous
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Moonglow Bay seems like a simple game built around the premise of beloved fishing minigames. What you’re met with, however, is an experience that is far richer, and unexpectedly deep. From the design to the music, everything in Moonglow Bay is meticulously handcrafted and carefully tuned—so much so that between mini-games, exploring, and trying to keep your food cart business operational, it’s easy to lose yourself in the fictional town of Moonglow, Quebec. 

Moonglow Bay is accessible to players looking for a casual fishing game, sure, but it’s deep enough to seduce those with a drive for completionism. It joins the burgeoning life sim genre (like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley) with a unique aesthetic, tone, and dedication to the fishing game niche. 

With its dioramic voxel aesthetic and beautiful user interface, one really feels that the game’s developer, Bunnyhug Games, imbued every element of their project with personality and love. The takeaway is a chill gameplay experience that rewards you for whatever you put into it. 

Saleem Dabbous is the studio director of the worker-owned game studio KO_OP

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Canadian connection

Developed by Bunnyhug
Worldwide team, with leads based across Canada