Muffin Fight (2021)

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Ready? Collect, concoct, bake, fire! 

Muffin Fight, by Calgary-based Red Iron Labs, is the closest thing to a food fight you can get. In this frantic online player-versus-player virtual reality game, you’re engaged in a race against up to three friends to collect ingredients that fall onto a huge rotating platter. With a retro-style ray gun (that fits in with the 50’s-style music and decor), you suck up ingredients like chocolate, bananas, cherries, blueberries, and more. Then, at your station, you combine ingredients by dropping them into your muffin tin, slip it into your oven, and go back to collecting ingredients for your next muffin as the current one bakes. 

Your timer lets you know when your muffin is ready. Take it out, and… throw it at your friends! Each muffin has its own special ability: cherry muffins are cherry bombs (#ISeeWhatYouDidThere), banana muffins bounce, blueberry muffins multiply—your creativity determines how lethal your muffin is! 

This game is about who’s the best baker, sure, but most importantly about who, among you and your friends, is the best Muffin Fighter. Wholesome, delicious fun for the whole family.  Now if we only had Smellovison…

Lateef Martin is a multidisciplinary artist working in writing, music production, voiceovers, cosplay, and fabrication. He is the founder of Miscellaneum Studios, which tells stories centring Black persons, Indigenous persons, People of Colour, women, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, the neurodivergent, and other marginalized communities.

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Developed by Red Iron Labs
Calgary, Alberta