New Eden (2020)

After directing episodes of Baroness Von Sketch and Kim’s Convenience, Canadian director Aleysa Young is back to make audiences laugh with this mockumentary that dives into the history of New Eden, an all-female alternate living community in Hawthorn, British Columbia that quickly turns into a cult. Formed in 1977, the fake organization is derived from another cult with a decidedly more sexist agenda in keeping with the era rife with both satanic panic and free love.

Told on the made-up network BNT (realistic looking enough to give anyone who remembers 1980s television some flashbacks), reporters set out to detail the truth of what happened and answer the recurring question “who are these women?” The short answer is that they are Grace Lee (Evany Rosen) and Katherine Wryfield (Kayla Lorette), known as Truthmother Eve and Starmother Eve respectively, the pair who founded New Eden, a world free of the proverbial Adam. Directly from the Kelowna jail, the classic straight-woman and comic duo runs us through the community’s demise—from drugging a country fair, to rituals gone wrong and corpse desecration, they have a lot to answer for. Through additional interviews with former members, reporters and key figures from the investigation, we can piece together a hilarious story of misguided ideals and incompetence gone awry.

Review by Caitlin Stall-Paquet


Evany Rosen, Kayla Lorette

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Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Created by Evany Rosen and Kayla Lorette
British Columbia