Nobody Saves the World (2021)

Drinkbox Studios from Toronto has already had a taste of success with Guacamelee 1&2, but now they’re trying to replicate this success with a new series starring…Nobody!

You wake up in a house as Nobody. You have no memories, no features… and no pants. But soon enough, you find a magic wand that gives you a strange power: you can transform in a variety of forms, from a humble rat to a powerful bodybuilder and a scary mermaid, among others.

Each of those forms has its own set of abilities you learn through completing quests. It’s important you level up every form, as the abilities they learn can then be taught to other forms. And you’ll need to learn how to build powerful combinations if you want to stand against the Calamity that’s threatening the world.

Fans of the old-school Zelda games will definitely recognize some inspirations, with its huge world to explore. But Nobody Saves the World gives it a unique spin; plus, you can play in co-op with a friend!

Nobody Saves the World shows the mastery of Drinkbox Studios; the unique gameplay is explored in depth, and the title asks you to understand its nuances to progress. It’s easy to keep going, as the game’s humour will make you ask ‘’What’s next?’’

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet

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Indie Games

Canadian connection

Developed by Drinkbox Studios
Toronto, Ontario