Queer Eye (2018 -)

As a reboot of the 2003 reality TV show Queer Eye, Netflix’s 2018 reboot manages to give the series a modern update.

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, it’s simple: the Fab 5 (including Montreal’s own Antoni Porowski) meet someone who needs help and offer them a complete makeover, from their clothing to their hair, skin, home and even their personal lives. It could easily turn into a regressive show where we laugh at stereotypical differences between individuals. Yet, it’s anything but.

Queer Eye’s tagline is ‘’more than a makeover,” and it’s very appropriate. Queer Eye starts a dialogue and builds bridges between communities. In one episode, the Fab 5 help a young gay man accept his orientation. In another, they offer a makeover to a police officer in a southern state, while having an honest talk about police brutality and the treatment of racialized communities.

Queer Eye is a show full of heart that gives us a little more faith in humanity with each episode. We challenge you to finish an episode with a dry eye!

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet


Antoni Porowski

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Canadian connection

Antoni Porowski graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in psychology