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Quench is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle game where you play as an avatar of nature that guides animals on their journey across a landscape full of thorns, rock piles, and large bodies of water. The game is easy to pick up, but provides an engaging challenge with its resource system and well-crafted puzzles. You could trade in a water point for three wind points. But how is it going to pan out for you in the future?  

The relaxing soundtrack and papercraft aesthetics really drew me in, and I was determined to direct the herds to safety even if it meant replaying a level a few times. Seeing the effects of the changing environment on the animals leads to an even greater accomplishment and sense of responsibility, which offers food for thought.

Indigo Doyle is a 3D artist and a game designer currently working on RollerGirl




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Canadian connection

Developed by Axon Interactive
Toronto, Ontario