Reboot (1994 - 2001)

Bob (Michael Benyaer) is a sprite and guardian in the Mainframe. His job is to protect this intricate system from intrusive viruses, glitches and other computer-related mishaps. The Mainframe’s main boogeyman is Megabyte (Tony Jay), a menacing virus always looking for a way to take over. Bob often consults the wisdom of Phong (Michael Donovan), the oldest sprite and leader of the Mainframe. With the help of Dot (Kathleen Barr), who owns the popular Dot’s Diner, her younger brother Enzo (Jesse Moss), and often the hindrance of other sprites and binomes, Bob dashes around this computer world, protecting it from user games that intrude on the computer cityscape.

Reboot was the first-ever computer-generated animated series, and four writers helmed it: Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace. The concept came to life at Vancouver’s Mainframe Entertainment, aired from 1994 to 2001, and had a healthy life on the Canadian children’s content channel, YTV. The ground-breaking series spawned two movies in 2001, a video game, toys, an IMAX ride experience, and a series on Netflix in 2018, Reboot: The Guardian Code, which combined live-action and animation. Reboot offered colourful scenarios, fun characters, and many adventures in this computerized world.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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Created by Gavin Blair, John Grace and Philip Mitchell