Revenge of the Black Best Friend (2022 -)

What has been a running punchline for Black actors and performers has now been wrapped up and satirized in the LOL series Revenge of the Black Best Friend.

Toni Shakur (Olunike Adeliyi) is a revolutionary talk show host and Black visionary. Her hard work dispels the myth of token Black roles. She makes directors and writers accountable for the lazy excuses of why Black characters don’t have more dimension other than the sassy black antagonist, best friend, background singer, etc. There are micro-aggressions galore, flat-out insults and rivers of “white tears.” Toni Shakur helps black actors navigate it all—giving pep talks, breaking down racial politics, and ensuring the revolution is televised. But not everyone is behind Toni’s brand of enforcing racial equality in the film and TV industry. Will she survive the criticism from those who change camps and question her motivations?

Governor-General Award recipient writer and playwright Amanda Parris created a tongue-in-cheek series that pokes fun at a very real issue for Black actors. It’s campy and fast-paced, making poignant commentary on the state of stereotypes in the industry.

With tonnes of Black Canadian talent involved, like Joy Lapps-Lewis, an acclaimed Canadian steelpan musician, co-produced by TV and film writer Wendy “Motion” Braithwaite, and familiar faces like Dwain Murphy, Rachel Crawford, and Araya Mengesha, The Revenge of the Black Best Friend provides a long-overdue perspective with plenty of humour

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Andrea Lewis, Ashton James, Olunike Adeliyi

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Black Stories, Free to Watch, Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Created, co-written and co-produced by Amanda Parris
Toronto, Ontario
Wendy “Motion” Braithwaite is also an executive story editor for the CBC original series Coroner.