Riot Girls (2019)

The world has gone to pot in Potter’s Bluff after a deadly virus killed all the adults in 1995. With kids left in charge, the town has been split up into sections: The East side of the town bridge, where the poor kids live, and the West side is claimed for the Titans—a set of totalitarian teens in varsity jackets led by Jeremy (Munro Chambers) who condition those living on that side into servitude.

Everyone generally keeps to themselves, and East side kids Nat (Madison Iseman) and her partner Scratch (Paloma Kwiatkowski) are part of a ragtag group that includes Nat’s brother Jack (Alexandre Bourgeois), Sunshine (Robyn Alomar), and Lucy (Jordana Blake). Jack adds Sony (Ajay Friese) to their makeshift family after he rescues him from Titans and hijacks one of their van to steal supplies, but there’s something not quite right with the takedown. Determined to find out, Jack returns to the van but is captured by Titans. Nat, Scratch and Sony must go on a rescue mission to bring him back and conquer the ruthless Jeremy.

This 2019 post-apocalyptic punk rock, comic book adventure is directed by award-winning Canadian writer and filmmaker Jovanka Vuckovic and written by the film’s executive producer, Katherine Collins. Shot in and around Toronto, Riot Girls brings lots of action, strong young women ready to fight for their survival in the town of Potter’s Bluff, and great performances from a young cast.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Ajay Friese, Alexandre Bourgeois, Jordana Blake, Madison Iseman, Munro Chambers, Paloma Kwiatkowski

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Free to Watch, Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, written by Katherine Collins
Toronto, Ontario
The If theTitans headquarters looks familiar it may be because it was the high school setting for the Degrassi series