Rogue Legacy 2 (2020)

Let me be clear: you won’t complete this game on your first attempt, or your second, or even your thirtieth.

Rogue Legacy 2, as its name implies, is a rogue like. You explore dangerous environments, full of deadly pits and vicious enemies, surviving by platforming and fighting. And once you die, you lose (almost) all of your progress.

But starting over and over again in Rogue Legacy 2 is everything but a chore. At the start of each run, you pick your character amongst a variety of classes you unlock as you play. At first, you can only pick between a fighter, an archer or a mage, but as you go, you’ll have access to a large variety of classes including a thief, a gunslinger and a chef. Yes, a chef.

Every class has its own abilities, and every character has unique traits that can help or hinder your progress. For example, you can be a giant, which makes you easier to hit, or have a vampirism, allowing you to steal life from enemies. You can even have IBS, which gives you explosive farts.

And every time you die, you can spend the money you’ve acquired to improve your castle, granting boons to your characters. In short, every defeat brings you that much closer to victory.

Will you persevere until you triumph over evil?

Review by Pier-Luc Ouellet

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Developed by Cellar Door Games
Toronto, Ontario