Run the Burbs (2022)

Andrew (Andrew Phung), Camille (Rakhee Morzaria), Leo (Roman Pesino) and Khia (Zoriah Wong) make up the Pham clan, and their larger-than-life personalities have found a home in a cozy cul-de-sac in the suburbs. Camille is an online foodie and HR executive, Khia is a budding artist, and Andrew is a stay-at-home dad who dotes on his youngest, Leo. Each day is a new adventure, from throwing a yearly block party called the “Blockbuster” to vying for friendships with new neighbours and their coveted pool.

Silly antics are never scarce in this Vietnamese-South Asian family. With famous neighbours like Toronto rap royalty Kardinal Official or “just Jason now,” Camille’s dad Ramesh (Ali Hassan), the local bubble tea shop’s perceptive owner Cathy (Samantha Wan), and Andrew’s best friend Hudson (Jonathan Langdon), these folks get into the craziest situations. Whether it’s street racing in the safest way possible, Leo’s first sleepaway camp experience, or Khia’s pre-teen angst and discovery of her queer identity, audiences will be more than willing to go along for the hilarious ride.

Run the Burbs features a great cast with the best comedic timing in the business, and most Canadians will recognize the show’s creator, Phung, who played Kimchee Han on the hit comedy Kim’s Convenience. Phung’s skill with humour and relatability shines, and the show represents a Canadian neighbourhood in all its multicultural glory,

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Andrew Phung, Rakhee Morzaria, Roman Pesino, Zoriah Wong

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Asian Stories, Family

Canadian connection

Created by Andrew Phung and Scott Townend
Hamilton and Scarborough, Ontario