Second Jen (2016 -)

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Life in the big city is tough as a young urbanite in Toronto, but Jen (Samantha Wan) and her bestie, also named Jen but better known as “Mo” (Amanda Joy), want to prove they can do it on their own. Since Mo’s parents are moving back to the Philippines and Jen wants to prove to her traditional Chinese parents she can be independent, the second-generation Asian millennials decide to move into their first apartment together. Being roomies is a no-brainer, but life outside mom and dad’s house comes with many issues. Their first encounter with adulting starts with being scammed by their moving company, plus “wall squirrels” as new neighbours in their College Street apartment. The two young women are set loose in the city and need to make money, perhaps find a career, cut the apron strings and navigate the dreaded dating scene in Toronto.

Joy and Wan not only star in Second Jen, but the two Torontonians also write the show. They nail the dialogue with clever banter and typical Toronto experiences translated into zany mishaps like being robbed, hosting an “Asian Night” party, and going to the birth control clinic. And we can’t forget the people in their lives who are “unique” like Alister (Nile Seguin), Mo’s corporate co-worker nemesis, their “best friend” and overachiever Karen (Lily Gao), and Jen’s kooky mom Bunny (Janet Lo). Wan and Joy have brilliant comedic timing, and their take on the young Asian experience spread out over three seasons is way too much fun to miss.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Amanda Joy, Samantha Wan

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Canadian connection

Created by Amanda Joy and Samantha Wan
Toronto, Ontario
Second Jen first started as a 22-minute short in 2014 that led Wan and Joy to create their sitcom.