Second Puberty (2021)

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Squinky and the Squinkettes present: Second Puberty is an album of short games that I started working on shortly after beginning my hormonal transition, and completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Intended to be played in the same way one would listen to an album or read a collection of poetry, the individual games are inspired by my personal experiences moving through the world as a queer, trans, and neurodivergent person of colour. 

While presenting a colourful and silly aesthetic on the surface, the games also touch on deeper themes such as masking, mental health, social awkwardness, religious trauma, unhealthy relationships, and existing in this very strange moment in time.

Squinkifer is a game designer and one of the co-founders of Soft Chaos, a worker co-op based in Montreal

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Developed by Squinky
Montreal, Quebec