Skate City (2019)

The subscription-based service Apple Arcade available for both iOS devices, Apple TV and MacOs has some incredible game in its catalogue. Among them is Skate City, developed by Norwegian studio Agens and published by the Canadian company Snowman, an unbelievably ingenious 2D skateboarding game with extremely tight and well thought out controls.

Whether you want to play using the touch screen of your device or a compatible controller, Skate City is amazing either way. Similarly to EA’s Skate, Skate City use the left side of the screen has a specific use, here to do the regular tricks while the right side is for nollies and fakies or tricks that use the front of your board. Playing using a controller is almost the same except that most of the buttons have a proper use for spinning for example.

Designed for short sessions, the goal is to travel the world and accomplish a list of objectives. Whether it is to reach a certain score, to land some specific tricks or combos, or to perform a trick over a certain obstacle, there’s a lot to do.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud



Canadian connection

Published by Snowman
Toronto, Ontario